Granite Whiskey Stone

Cheerfast Manufacturer Marble Cooling Ice Cube Chilling Stone Rocks And Pine Burning Gift Box Set Reusable Whiskey Granite Stonee

DON’T COMPROMISE ON TASTE: Our whiskey stones are 100% natural granite and will chill your bourbon without watering it down. Unlike traditional ice, these granite whiskey stones don’t melt - so you can enjoy the full, powerful taste of your preferred scotch.
HIGH-QUALITY and SAFE Each whiskey ice cube and whiskey stone is smoothly polished so you can relax these wine chilling stones won’t scratch your glass. These chilling rocks are perfect for scotch bourbon whiskey rum juice or soda drinks.
 BETTER TASTING LIQUOR: Unlike ice cubes, whiskey stones don’t melt and dilute your drink so you can enjoy a tastier, smoother whiskey without watering down your drink, Your Last Sip Will Always Perfectly Chilled As The First One - No More Watering Down, No Loss Of Flavor For Your Whiskey Or Bourbon. The Whisky Iced Cubes Are Guaranteed To Never Dilute Your Beverage, While Keeping It Cold. Cool Chill Barware Accessory.
UNIQUE BAR ACCESSORY – No Matter The Occasion Drink In Style. Be Authentic With These Shiny Ice Cubes That Will Surely Be The Focus Of Attention At Any Event, Party, Or Just Chilling In The Man Cave.

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